Perlumite™ Precision Structure

Perlumite™ Precision Structures

Perluma offers structures for precision machines made from a proprietary castable mixture of advanced aggregate materials in a specially-formulated polymer matrix. Perlumite™ precision structures provide superior vibrational damping when compared to traditional granite, steel, or cast iron machine structures. In addition, Perlumite™ precision structures provide several other advantages over conventional structures:

  • Superior vibrational damping, better than granite and cast iron
  • Cast and cured in less than one day
  • Molds can last for thousands of cycles; soft tooling available for prototypes
  • Net precision surfaces eliminates need for finishing and secondary operations
  • Complex shapes, tight-tolerance inserts, and conduits can be molded in
  • Engineered materials can be added to optimize structural properties
  • Excellent stability and low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Waterproof and highly resistant to most industrial chemicals
  • Various colors and surface textures available

Please see the PDF file below for the full specifications.

Perlumite™ Precision Structures Specifications (PDF)