Single Point Diamond Turning

Superior quality mirrors, lenses, mold inserts, and precision substrates. Available materials are Cu-Ni, Al, Cu, Ni-coated Stainless Steel, and certain plastics.

Laser Beam Delivery Hardware

Highly modular beam delivery systems for CW, pulsed and ultrafast lasers over a wide range of laser wavelengths from UV to IR.

Laser Beam Delivery Hardware

Precision Optical Assemblies

Precision High NA Lens Assemblies

Diffraction limited performance at a high numerical aperture over wide field of view. Spherical and cylindrical optical elements aligned and assembled actively using interferometric feedback. Custom coatings provided.

Precision Filter Alignment Fixture (PFAF)

The PFAF consists of a custom laser interferometer that works in conjunction with high-resolution position sensitive detectors to align and secure optical filters using five degrees of freedom.