About perluma


Dean Faklis – President

Dean Faklis, along with Dr. Mike Morris and Dr. Milton Chang, co-founded Rochester Photonics Corporation (RPC) in 1989. As VP, he ran operations and led the design and construction of custom precision machines and facilities for the manufacture of micro-optics and large aperture diffractive optics. RPC was acquired by Corning, Inc. in 1999. He went on to serve as VP Engineering & Product Development at PSC, Inc. (former NASDAQ:PSCX) helping it grow profitably from $70M to $220M with >1,000 employees worldwide. In 1997, he founded the engineering services company that would later be transformed into Perluma. He co-founded LightGage, Inc. in 2001 with Dr. Joe Marron. LightGage develops high-speed, non-contact, submicron 3D surface mappers for use in 100% in-line inspection on the factory floor.

He earned a BS in physics from Loyola University of Chicago and a MS & PhD in Optics from The Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester. He served as Research Faculty at The Institute of Optics from 1990-1995. He is a past President of the 400 member Optical Society of America, Rochester Section, and has held leadership positions in the OSA at the national level.